Настолна игра Evidence - семейна

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Настолна игра Evidence - семейна
Настолна игра Evidence - семейна
В семейната игра Evidence играчите влизат в ролята на смели и амбициозни журналисти, които търсят доказателства за разплитането на едни от най-великите мистерии в света. Посветили сте се на тази мисия дълги години и сте убедени, че мистериозните същества не са измислица. За да убедите главният редактор да публикува материала ви на първа страница обаче ще ви трябват солидни доказателства.Информация от издателя:In Evidence, as ambitious journalists, you go in search of evidence to prove the existence of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. You've been searching for a long time and now you're pretty sure that mysterious creatures from lore really exist! However, in order to convince the editor-in-chief and make it to the front page with your story, you will need some solid evidence. You'll have to keep searching and following even the smallest rumours until the signs get hot. But time is of the essence because your competitors have become aware of the story...There are 6 different creatures who are said to be found in different locations around the world – referred to as "mysteries". For each mystery, there are 6 rumours and each is assigned a unique colour and symbol.The rumours have different values ranging from -1 to 4. The higher the value of a rumour, the higher the probability that the mystery truly exists.Only one of these cards is the actual proof of the respective mystery - you must find out its value throughout the course of the game. This evidence is hidden under the overview cards and its value is unknown to you at the beginning of the game. All other cards are rumours. You hold these rumours in your hands and play them round by round, revealing information to everyone.Throughout the course of the game, you will take search cards by performing the "Search" action. These represent your findings on the various mysteries.Time-outs in the basic game allow you to exchange previously collected search cards in one mystery for another. These cards grant you the
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